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January 2024dist (mi)
Jan 13, 2024 C Michigan Adventure Race: Winter Edition - 3 Hours
Rockford, MI, US
February 2024dist (mi)
Feb 22, 2024 A Sea to Sea 4
St. Augustine, FL, US
April 2024dist (mi)
Apr 6, 2024 B DMV Adventure Race 1
Woodbridge, VA, US
Apr 20–21, 2024 B Adventure Enablers - Shenandoah Epic 3
Bentonville, VA, US
May 2024dist (mi)
May 17–19, 2024 B REV3Endurance 50 Hour Challenge - New River Rush 1
Oak Hill, WV, US
May 17–19, 2024 B New River Rush Adventure Race 1
Minden, WV, US
July 2024dist (mi)
Jul 13, 2024 B MNOC Adventure-O 1
Minneapolis, MN, US
September 2024dist (mi)
Sep 8, 2024 C Challenge the Shield Multisport Adventure Race 6
Parry Sound, ON, CA
November 2024dist (mi)
Nov 1–15, 2024 A Solo yellow jersey 1
Atlanta, GA, US