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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jun 15, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 5:35:00 36.0(9:18) 57.94(5:47)
  Run3 2:23:34 12.93(11:06) 20.81(6:54)
  Strength Training2 2:09:09 1.25 2.01
  Mountain Bike1 57:14 11.76(12.3/h) 18.93(19.8/h)
  Total7 11:04:57 61.94 99.68

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Saturday Jun 15, 2013 #

Adventure Race race (Blast 6-hour) 5:35:00 [4] 36.0 mi (9:18 / mi)

We were in 4th much of the race, but pretty close in with the top teams. Started on foot for 2 close CPs, grabbed bikes and biked down to the canoes. We took my nice new canoe out with me using a kayak paddle and Brenda with her canoe paddle... not sure it was the best set-up, but we each used the equipment we were used to and it didn't seem to slow us down much, but I wanted to catch those guys!
Got back on bikes for a short ride to O-course 1 (about 3 miles) We made up some time getting a checkpoint a bit more efficiently that others weren't seeing. Then, we screwed up by taking the "North, slightly Northwest" road that was not on the map and mostly northwest. We went down and were looking for the CP by a pond/swamp area, but realized that we were too far to the west. You can't make 10 minute mistakes like this in a 6-hour race! Then, we got back on track and got the other two leaving tied with Hafkes.

We then moved on to some trail riding where we just had to follow the trail markers and look for the checkpoints along the way. This went pretty well.

O-course 2 was the deciding factor in the race. We went into it in 4th place. When we got to CP 21, there were the top 3 teams leaving saying they didn't get it and it wasn't there. We didn't believe them and went for it... and found it! We headed out for the last 2 foot CPs, but wasted at least 20 minutes trying to get 19 because we talked ourselves into the line on the map being the pipeline rather than power lines like we'd originally thought. Um, pipeline is usually marked as such. After we realized our mistake, we found it near the stream north of the power lines. Ugh. Finished the O-course and hammered the bike to the finish... and ended up about 7 or 8 minutes behind first place - HLS got CP 21 as well! This was a long course and about half the field missed the cut off. Bummer.

I think this was a case of needing to slow down to speed up. They like to make the points tricky at the Blast and I should have known that. I also shouldn't have let the "oh that pipeline looks so good" factor influence me. Still 2nd overall is not too shabby at all. :)

Thursday Jun 13, 2013 #

6 AM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Run 200 m, 4 rounds of 0:15 each Jumping jacks, push ups, mountain climbers, kips
30 shoulder pass-throughs
30 overhead squats with PVC against the wall

Overhead squat - 5 every 2 minutes, 5 rounds
did 2 warm-up rounds at 45 and 55
did all 5 sets of OHS at 65 lb
Rt. Shoulder was starting to feel it a bit on the last two

4 rounds for time:
Run 200m
30 ring push-ups (went on knees since ring push ups are that much harder)
15 toes to bar
Time - 23:10
Really struggled with the ring push ups and toes to bar today. Got as close as I could on the toes to bar, but probably didn't meet "games standard" on a lot of them.
7 PM

Run (Trails) 35:28 [3] 2.53 mi (14:01 / mi)

Holy sore still... I need this to go away with the rest day tomorrow. First half mile, I gimped along, but eventually loosened up somewhat. The 4 accelerations actually felt pretty good on the legs. The downhills, while short and infrequent, were killer.
8 PM

Mountain Bike 57:14 [3] 11.76 mi (12.3 mph)

After my run at City Forest, I went to pull out the bike and found that I had left the front tire at home. D'oh! So, I had to drive home and just ride out from the house. Bummer. I rode mostly on the roads, but did get in two laps at the "Auburn Recreation Facility" which is really a weird place. It's a trail that goes around these two big rectangular depressions. Who excavated this area out and why? They advertise it as a "walking/running/sledding/cross country ski area"... and you can do all those things there, but it's just not a very long or interesting trail. The "sledding hill" looks like someone just piled up some dirt and planted grass on it. The trail is mowed grass.

Anyway, the goal was an hour with some short accelerations with the mountain bike on a trail. I partially achieved that.

Wednesday Jun 12, 2013 #

Run (Cruise Intervals) 1:03:51 [3] 6.0 mi (10:39 / mi)

Warmed up 17 min at about 145 HR. Was feeling sore, and it took about a half mile to get my stride smoothed out. Did 3 min intervals building up to HR of 170, slowed to a jog for 2 minutes, repeated for 4 intervals. Target was 4-5 intervals, but since HR was having a hard time getting under 160 even 2 mins after the 4th one, decided that 4 was enough. averaged about 155 for the rest of the run home, but felt like I had to go super slow to keep it under control

Tuesday Jun 11, 2013 #

6 AM

Run 44:15 [3] 4.4 mi (10:03 / mi)

Union Loop + around the block to get to 45 minutes
4 x 2 minute race pace intervals in the middle
Easy pace otherwise.
6 PM

Strength Training 1:09:09 [3] 1.25 mi (55:19 / mi)

warm up - 4 rounds of 0:15 each: Jumping jacks, air squats, mountain climbers, jump squats
Workout 1:
5 rounds for time:
Run 400m with 30 lb slam ball
12 burpees
Time - 15:26 (Fastest in the gym!)
Deadlift - 5 every 2 minutes for 5 rounds at 75%
Was feeling a bit light headed during warm-up rounds so I only did 185 for the first 4 rounds. Felt great on round 4, so I did 195 on 5th round (1RM is 265)
12 Wall Balls, 9' target EMOTM 10 minutes
Tried to go heavy with 20 pounds, but took whole minute to complete round 7, so I rested 30 seconds and did last 3 rounds with 14 pound wall ball.

Foam rolled back and legs after class a bit. This was a long class - went over the normal amount of time.

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