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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jun 29, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Run2 4:05:37 22.9(10:44) 36.85(6:40)
  Paddle2 3:41:54 13.7(16:12) 22.05(10:04)
  Mountain Bike2 3:38:49 41.2(11.3/h) 66.31(18.2/h)
  Road Bike2 2:09:00 35.5 57.13
  Yoga1 1:30:00
  Strength Training1 1:00:00 1.25(48:00) 2.01(29:49)
  Total9 16:05:20 114.55 184.35

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Saturday Jun 29, 2013 #

10 AM

Mountain Bike (Fort Custer) 1:38:47 [3] 15.2 mi (9.2 mph)

Rode the red loop fully through including all the technical parts. Then, did another red loop but cut out a few parts to try to get back by about 1:30. Overall, it felt good. I realized after the failed bike test that I have to actually put in a "perceived effort" that is higher on the bike than I think it should be to actually be in zones 2-3. So, I tried to go faster, which is helpful for practicing technical riding as well. Almost crashed once in Granny's Garden, but miraculously held it together somehow. The course was a mix of hilly and flat, but there were a decent amount of hills - more than I usually see.

Run (Trails) 2:30:43 [3] 14.9 mi (10:07 / mi)

Brick with the bike wearing MS-1 pack - got off the bike and went for my run through the trails. Bit it pretty hard about 20 mins in. A bit scraped up and possibly covered in poison ivy since I landed in the plants, but a short walk and I was running again. Last 30 minutes were getting pretty tough. Why is this? We did 32 miles on foot at the Rage. I should be able to run 2.5 hours without serious temptation to walk it out toward the end. Tried to keep focusing on staying tall and keeping my hips forward. I know this is important and the focus is especially important when wearing a pack. I thought my bladder was leaking because my whole back was soaked. It was crazy because I guess it was just sweat. Used the Suunto watch and foot pod for distance and Tech4O for HR. Yeah, I had 2 watches going.

Friday Jun 28, 2013 #

11 AM

Mountain Bike (Dirt Road) 2:00:02 [3] 26.0 mi (13.0 mph)

Accidentally cleared my bike computer before recording distance, so I'm not sure if this is exactly right.

Rode out from Barbara's house - rode about 25 minutes to get to some hills that would take about 75 seconds to ascend. Did 3x3 sets. During the second set, I realized that I was still probably going a bit to "aerobic" since the hills weren't quite as steep as I would have liked. So, I shifted into my hardest gear for intervals 5-9.

Rode at an elevated level for 20 mins after last interval then rode a steady state zone 2 back to Barbara's for 2 hours total. I thought about hopping on the Island Lake trails, but I know exploring trails tends to slow me down a lot, so I just stuck to riding around on the gravel roads.
3 PM

Paddle (Canoeing) 2:08:20 [3] 7.6 mi (16:53 / mi)

Took the canoe out on a lake with Rich. He took the stern. It was SUPER windy, so we really got to put it to the test. Sometimes, we would be heading into the wind and the waves were getting pretty big and the boat would slam down after the wave, but water never wash over the bow. Even paddling perpendicular to the wind direction with the waves hitting the side of the boat, there were no issues and the boat felt super stable. The weird thing was that it didn't like to go straight with the tail wind.

We did 10 minutes steady followed by 2 minutes of intervals for the whole time, so we got to do 10 intervals in the 2-hour paddle. This time, I did a better job of keeping my shoulders more relaxed. Still, by the end of the paddle, I was tired in the arms/shoulders from holding my paddle with straight arms. I can't be expected to do it in a race if I don't practice right, so I held on.

Thursday Jun 27, 2013 #

9 PM

Road Bike 30:00 [3]

Zones testing - some easy warm up riding and building up to LT and slowing back down. Recovered super fast and impressed Brad, who was doing my test. Unfortunately, there was some sort of issue with the test because it didn't give the right/complete data.

Wednesday Jun 26, 2013 #

Yoga (Ashtanga) 1:30:00 [1]

Tuesday Jun 25, 2013 #

Road Bike (Slaughterfest) 1:39:00 [3] 35.5 mi (21.5 mph)

Darn, no HR data since BOTH of my HRMs are acting up right now. Seriously?
We just did one big group tonight instead of the normal "expert" and "pro" groups. Was a bit concerned, but it worked out. Though I had to time trial from the start of Redstone to the Jam store (about 5-6 miles) when I got caught sleeping as we rounded the corner and one guy sprinted out and I couldn't catch a wheel. At least that was the tail wind section of the course.

Got about a minute rest at the Jam store regrouping point and we were back off. Stayed with the group until about 5 miles from the finish where someone decided to throw in a sprint to break up the group. One other guy and I worked together to bring it on in. Good ride, overall, though - definitely a good workout.
12 PM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3] 1.25 mi (48:00 / mi)

WU - Run 400 then "normal" 4 min warm up

Front Squat 5X5 EMOTM
Started at 100 lb, but after first round, coach was telling me I was bending my back rather than keeping it straight, so I dropped down to 95 and was able to keep it straight at that weight.

Workout: Tabata - 8 rounds each 0:20 on 0:10 off, 1 min rest between exercises -
Air squats - 114
Slam Balls - 79
Hand Release Push-ups - 51
Wall balls - 66
Total: 310

Rest 3 minutes, then:
Skill - Run 1 mile for time
TERRIBLE 7:45 Slower than my 5K pace. Guess I wasn't recovered from the workout
Note: HRM was having issue - not picking up for some reason. Battery shouldn't be dead since I haven't used this one much. I am heartless, perhaps.

Sunday Jun 23, 2013 #

9 AM

Paddle (Kayak) 1:33:34 [3] 6.1 mi (15:20 / mi)

Paddling on Lake Margarethe with Justin. He was in his C1 and I was in my kayak. Obviously, his boat was a LOT faster than mine so he didn't get as good of a workout. Set watch to intervals of 9 and 1 so I did 9 minutes at a steady pace and 1 minute hard - did 9 fast intervals. Fun time - tried to focus on keeping my arms straight and twisting at the waist for my technique. Need to try to relax my shoulders on the intervals - kept finding my shoulders up by my ears when I was trying to go fast.
12 PM

Run (Run/trek) 1:34:54 [2] 8.0 mi (11:52 / mi)

Same route as yesterday's run, but kept it in zone 2 by walking some of the uphills - more toward the end. Knee bothered me a bit about 15 minutes in. Ended up stopping to stretch the hip flexors twice, but that did the job and it got better. They wouldn't work for AR, but I LOVE these Inov8 barefoot shoes. So comfortable for this run - compared to yesterday when I started getting a blister with the Salomons. I am going to look into a more protective shoe by Inov8 to see if that's the one for me.

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