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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jul 6, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Run2 5:25:47 25.8(12:38) 41.52(7:51)
  Road Bike2 4:01:47 65.2(16.2/h) 104.93(26.0/h)
  Mountain Bike2 3:29:10 36.0(10.3/h) 57.94(16.6/h)
  Strength Training3 3:07:15 1.3 2.09
  Total8 16:03:59 128.3 206.48

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Saturday Jul 6, 2013 #

3 PM

Mountain Bike (City Forest) 2:02:15 [3] 15.8 mi (7.8 mph)

First part of the brick workout - 2 hours on the mountain bike. Felt some fatigue in my legs at first, but it got better after I got warmed up. Well, they were still tired when I stood up on the bike. I got the satisfaction of passing someone on the trail, which was good motivation and helped me keep the pace up because I wanted to ride away from him. Many updates to the trail with new mini bridges on the muddy parts and re-routes to add a little distance to the trail. City forest is tight and twisty, so it's slower, but good for trying to move faster on the single track. Zone 2 training is about right for this trail, but I couldn't get much higher than that for long.

Run (City Forest) 2:03:42 [3] 9.8 mi (12:37 / mi)

Legs a bit heavy, but much better than Thursday's run. Did a bit of stretching after the bike and before starting the run, and the knee felt good. To stay at a lower HR (Z2-3) I had to go pretty slow. It seems like when I was focusing on keeping my hips forward and staying tall, I naturally started to run faster, but the HR would raise up. It took a fair amount of focus to stay where I should be, though I did naturally fall into about the 148 HR most of the time, which is exactly my "MAF" number... seems like a good Z2-3 number. Frustrated at being slow for these runs. I know it will take some time, but when putting in the time, you just want the results. Now.

I love running trails with these Inov-8 barefoot shoes - especially on the pine needle parts of the trail. They won't work for AR, so I finally ordered some more substantial Inov-8 shoes for AR. Salomons seem to give me blisters, so I hope these new shoes are the ones I've been searching for.

I seem to be recovering better from this than Thursday, but my post-workout appetite was pretty low.

Thursday Jul 4, 2013 #

10 AM

Strength Training 1:18:44 [3]

Oh, man! I am bummed that the day that they decide the workout is a 10K is the day that I have a LONG running workout to do in the afternoon. That just didn't make sense together. So, I chose the alternative work out.
237 Burpees
237 Pull ups
237 air squats
It took me just over an hour, but the clock stopped at 60:00, so I don't have a time. Even though I used a band for the pull ups, my arms and hands are super tired.
4 PM

Run (Trails) 3:22:05 [3] 16.0 mi (12:38 / mi)

Trails at Pine Haven. This was a tough run for me. I went in tired even though I took a 1.5 hour nap after Crossfit. I knew I should have walked out and just done something on my own in the evening.
Plan was 3.5 hours, run hard up and down hills, easy on flats. I was tired pretty much from the start, but OK until the 3rd (last) lap when I started to really fall apart. I struggled just to keep moving and not stop. Quads, glutes, hamstrings all tired. Glad tomorrow is a rest day.

Wednesday Jul 3, 2013 #

8 PM

Mountain Bike hills (Road ride) 1:26:55 [3] 20.2 mi (13.9 mph)

Drove up to Edenville to do hill repeats on the biggest hill I can find around here. Warmed up for 18 minutes, then started repeats of about 75 seconds in a hard gear. At the bottom of the hill, I had to go in my hardest gear because it was stretching the requirement a bit, but about halfway up it got steeper and I could shift down a bit and still be in the muscular zone. Found my little routes for the short recovery between the repeats and the 4-5 minute recovery between sets.

After last recovery interval, rode straight down Curtis Rd for 11 minutes at a hard pace with HR eventually settling on about 156-158, turned around for a total of 20 minutes at this pace and then rode at a recovery/cool down pace until I got back to the car. I got all the planned "hard" work in, but total time was a bit short because I got out of work quite late today.

Tuesday Jul 2, 2013 #

Strength Training 1:08:31 [3]

Warm-up, then:
Strength: Deadlift 3 EMOTM for 5 min
205 lb

Workout: Fight Gone Bad "championship" 5 rounds (instead of normal 3)
1 minute each:
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (55 lb)
Box Jump 20"
Push press (55 lb)
Row for calories
Wall ball (14 lb)
1 minute rest between rounds
Total Reps - 383 (78*78*75*76*76)

Foam roll out (included in time/average HR)
6 PM

Road Bike 2:08:09 [3] 38.0 mi (17.8 mph)

Was trying to make it to Slaughterfest, but got caught up at work and then hit every red light between work and the tridge. Ended up arriving 5 minutes late, took a few more minutes to get my bike out, helmet on, etc. Thought they were doing the Sanford Lake route, so I decided to do it backward and time trial it out until I met the group going the opposite way. I never saw them. Either they went the same direction as I did or they changed their plan and did a different route. I met some tri guys on my way out on the rail trail. I was doing over 20 mph, and they blew by me like I was standing still. Managed to talk to one guy who told me they do an hour of biking and an hour of running as a brick every Tuesday and Thursday. He seemed nice and invited me to join them. He said I could ride with him the whole ride, but I wanted to try to get with the Slaughterfesters, so I peeled off a mile later.

Tried to keep the effort level high, but did a few focused efforts on the North/South segments - Was running the HR around 158-160 for a good portion of the rail trail and Northbound segment. I tried to really go hard for the southbound Stark Rd. part of the TCC time trial course (5 miles) The wind was a bit brutal going east by myself. Good ride even though I was alone for most of it.

Sunday Jun 30, 2013 #

11 AM

Road Bike 1:53:38 [3] 27.2 mi (14.4 mph)

Rode out to the hill on 6-mile road with Rich in Kalamazoo. This was pretty much the "biggest" (length and grade) hill around, but it ended up being only a little more than 4 minutes even when I started a little early. The one in West Branch is about a minute longer. Anyway, I did 4 repeats up it varying the resistance by shifting to try to do a minute at moderate resistance and 30 seconds higher. Sometimes didn't need to shift due to changes in the hill grade. This was challenging for sure, but it actually felt good to do it. HR got up to about 162 when I checked and breathing was hard on the hill. After this one, all the hills on the way home felt easy. We took about the last half hour really easy because Rich hadn't ridden much this year and the ride was only planned as a 1.5 hour ride anyway. So, just made that part social.
3 PM

Strength Training 40:00 [3] 1.3 mi (30:46 / mi)

Only ran my watch for 12 minutes while I did the actual WOD, but we did a warm-up beforehand to walk through it.

Warm-up was to jog the course, do 10 push ups at the burpee station, and 10 walk outs and 10 squats at the box jump station.

4 rounds for time: Run the .75 mile course and do the 3 exercises at the different stations: 10 burpees in the sand, 15 american swings (35 lb), 20 box jumps. About 12 minutes in, I was getting ready to run away with second place overall (trying to run away from Rich and Steve) but it was starting to rain with some thunder and the coach decided to call it when we got to the second round at the kettlebell station. He didn't want us holding large steel objects above our heads with lightening. So, I got in 12:36 with 1.5 rounds in. Average HR was 174 for workout part. Kinda bummed to not get to finish, but safety first.

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