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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Sep 21, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Run2 3:26:48 16.7(12:23) 26.88(7:42)
  Mountain Bike2 2:06:44 19.0(9.0/h) 30.58(14.5/h)
  Paddle1 2:02:02 8.5(14:21) 13.68(8:55)
  Strength Training2 2:00:00
  Road Bike1 1:31:42 30.0(19.6/h) 48.28(31.6/h)
  Total7 11:07:16 74.2 119.41

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Saturday Sep 21, 2013 #

Run (Orienteering Meet) 2:12:37 [3] 8.0 mi (16:35 / mi)

Red course. Had a few errors and a few times that I was literally right next to the CP and did not see the flag. Overall, I was happy and had a fun time.

Forgot the foot pod, so I didn't get an actual distance, so 8 miles is approximate.

Mountain Bike 41:17 [3] 3.6 mi (5.2 mph)

Ride with the ladies - fun and relaxed. Highland is actually pretty technical. Didn't go as long as expected due to planned dinner meeting time looming.

Thursday Sep 19, 2013 #

Mountain Bike hills (Fairview Hill) 1:25:27 [3] 15.4 mi (10.8 mph)

Glad I put the light on my bike (finally) tonight because I needed it.
8 trips up the hill shifting up and down throughout. Then, 6 standing sprints for about 1.5 min. Ride back to the car. Climb #4 was not the best because 2/3 the way up, a minivan slowed down next to me and the old couple inside started asking me lots of questions about where they were and how to get where they were going. Unfortunately, they weren't trying to get to the Ogemaw Hills Pathway or I-75, which are the only things I could have helped them out on. People always assume if you're exercising somewhere that you must live there and/or know about how to get everywhere.

Anyway, good workout, but sometimes I think I need to focus more on my legs and keeping my breath under control to be sure that my breathing really matches the effort.
6 AM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Battery died on HR belt, apparently. So, no HR data.
Strength: Overhead squat 5 x 5 (every 2 min)
Increased the weight by 5 pounds and shoulder seemed OK still

Row 2000m then, 3 rounds:
50 slam balls
20 chest to bar pull-ups
Row was 8:35, total time was 26:07

Wednesday Sep 18, 2013 #

Run 1:14:11 [3] 8.7 mi (8:32 / mi)

Warm-up - 10:01 (1 mile) AHR 142
Speed - 1:00:17 AHR 173 7.3 miles Avg Pace - 8:16
Cool down - 3:53

Well, I fully cut out all gluten starting on 9/9 and haven't had any candy or junk since then with the exception of last Friday when I had some chips and a few drinks. The plan was to see if I felt and ran better by keeping the diet clean. Answer so far is yes. Today was good. It was hard, but I was going fast and feeling strong. Granted, I started out the speed section a bit faster than I finished it (<8/mile the first 3 miles) but overall quite happy with this one. Varied the fast/faster sections between 1-2 minutes each running a little longer on the fast recovery sections than the Z5 stuff. HR drifted a bit on this - started out on lower end of expected range, but then after a mile or two was staying in the 170s.

Tuesday Sep 17, 2013 #

6 AM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Strength - Front squat
5x5 every 2 min

Workout: 4 rounds, 1 minute each exercise, 1 minute rest between rounds:
Wall balls (14 lb)
Sumo deadlift high pull (65 lb)
Over-bar burpees (jump over the bar each time)
Push Press (65 lb)
Score - 237
6 PM

Road Bike (Slauhterfest) 1:31:42 [3] 30.0 mi (19.6 mph)

Small group today. I guess now that road racing season is over and it's getting "cold" (like 60) people are done with the ride. Well, I'm still there. We had a steady group today. Again, walking over the bridge with the construction. There was a LOT of traffic on the rail trail that slowed us way down at the start/end sections. Anyway, good ride, took lots of good 1 mile+ pulls at around 21-23 (depending on the road and wind). The group stayed at about 21-23 the whole time other than the high traffic sections, where we had to slow down to 18ish.

Sunday Sep 15, 2013 #

Paddle 2:02:02 [3] 8.5 mi (14:21 / mi)

6 NOODLES!!! Yes, on today's paddle, I encountered 6 pool noodles and there was no crying. Actually, they were taped together, so it really looked like 3 bigger noodles. I saw the first floating down the river, so I saved it and put it on the dock while waiting for my GPS to sync. Then, as I was coming back to the dock at the end of the paddle, I saw the other two. Someone lost a lot of noodles.

Feeling much better today - must have been something bad I ate. I am blaming Marty for cross-contaminating the brats or something.

Paddle was 10 steady, 20 faster, repeat the entire time. Still need to stay focused on paddling with the core by twisting at the waist. I feel like my upper body gets tired before I can really get the HR up. Was feeling cold today, so maybe that had something to do with it. Also, it rained off and on the whole paddle, but on for the entire second half.

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