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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Nov 9, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Mountain Bike1 2:05:30 26.6(12.7/h) 42.81(20.5/h)
  Run1 2:05:15 11.61(10:47) 18.68(6:42)
  Strength Training1 1:00:00
  Road Bike1 30:00
  Total3 5:40:45 38.21 61.49

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Saturday Nov 9, 2013 #

Run warm up/down 20:00 [3] 2.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

Estimated time and distance. Felt a bit sluggish at first but better after dropping off my warm-up jacket. That's what the warm up is for I suppose.

Run race 23:30 [3] 5.0 km (4:42 / km)

Ugh. Terrible. Why didn't I reschedule this for a fully healthy weekend? Mile 1 was actually quite good. 7:05 and felt good. Perfect. 2 minutes later I'm hacking up a lung and choking on mucus. Gross. Shortly past the turn-around, started feeling pukey and backed down a bit. Got passed by some people in last mile which is the opposite of my usual. If this were a "run one mile at your desired 5k pace" race then I would have done awesome. Declined the finishers medal.

Run (Orienteering) 1:21:45 [3] 6.5 mi (12:35 / mi)

Maybury "goat" course - this means you choose to skip any one point.

Happy to be doing something at a more relaxed pace. The weird thing about this was that it was a mass start where we didn't get to see the maps until they said start. I've never done a non-score-O meet with a mass start before.

Was actively trying to not follow people on 1 and somehow went in a little early and saw 6 first, but realized I had to keep going west to hit the right depression. Grabbed 2 and 3, went to 4 and kept going around what I thought were green sections of thick brush like "it must be right around the corner" Almost gave up and made this my goat, but someone said that they got it "right back there" and I decided to give it one more go. I got it pretty quickly this time. Did well after that… decided to skip 14 because it looked rather indistinct and it was out of the way. Went too far to the south on 18 and missed it, hit the trail, followed the trail a little to figure out where I was on it, backtracked and went right to 18. Hit the last 4 right on and I'm told came in pretty close with "the pack." We'll see when the results are posted. I was pretty tired, but managed to run it out most of the time at a slow to moderate pace. Only tripped and fell once.

Thursday Nov 7, 2013 #


No wonder I was feeling so crappy when I went to get on the trainer Tuesday… Wednesday afternoon I started feeling something coming on. By evening, I was not feeling well and all I wanted to go to sleep. Today, I do not feel so awesome. Made the decision in the middle of the night to skip the 5:30 am Crossfit.

Tuesday Nov 5, 2013 #

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

"No weights week"
EMOTM 8 min - 10 double unders, then hollow rock for remainder of time. I had to clarify because 10 double unders don't take long if you're good at them. The coach said, yeah, do hollow rock for the entire rest of the minute even if you're good at double unders and get done in 10 seconds. He added "You're really the only one affected by that, though." Great. Most rounds got them unbroken, so with transition time, I was doing about 40 seconds of hollow rock. Hollow rocks quickly went downhill in quality, but the abs were still burning, so I was getting a good workout on it each time. Tony had a good DU day, so we got to suffer together on the hollow rocks.

Shoulder to overhead (did 63 lb)
Russian KB swings (35 lb)
Time: 5:50

I did my shoulder physical therapy exercises. I'm not very good at getting these in, so with a little extra time at the end, I figured I should. Doc says I still am weak in the rotational motion.

Road Bike (Trainer) 30:00 [3]

Crap ride. I wanted nothing to do with either of my bikes today. Well, I wanted to ride my mountain bike in the afternoon, but once it got dark, I got too scared to go ride outside on the hills by myself and nobody would go with me. Stupid dark time of the year.

Gave myself permission to do the ride on the trainer, which is even less interesting. I hate the trainer. Basically, I had a terrible attitude today and couldn't even get on my bike until late for no good reason. Then, I couldn't get my effort level up for my "hill climb intervals", so I just decided to quit early and go to bed. Blah.

Sunday Nov 3, 2013 #

Mountain Bike (Hill repeats) 2:05:30 [3] 26.6 mi (12.7 mph)

Stayed at my parents place last night. Guess what they have on the west side of the state - hills! Rode out to the johnson road. Did 3 rounds of 3x75 second climbs. Climbs were in a hard gear so stress was really on the muscles. After the last one I recovered and did 23 minutes at tempo. Was only supposed to be 20 but I hit the 20 minute mark at the bottom of a 3-minute hill so I kept it going to the top. Was a bit cold at times but not too bad.

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