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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jan 11, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  XC Ski1 2:22:49 16.16(8:50) 26.0(5:30)
  Road Bike2 2:03:54 26.5(12.8/h) 42.65(20.7/h)
  Run2 2:02:00 13.2(9:15) 21.24(5:45)
  Strength Training2 2:00:00
  Total6 8:28:43 55.86 89.89

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Saturday Jan 11, 2014 #

XC Ski race (Skate) 1:09:49 [4] 15.0 km (4:39 / km)

"Frosty Freestyle"

Well, after our -15 degree weather just a few days ago. Today was 40 degrees and slight rain. Rain was off and on. Off for most of the race, which was good. Most of the course was not too bad, but it was a slush fest in more than a few places. It definitely slowed me (and everyone) down. There were probably 5 places where there was so much water that it went over the top of my boots. I had never wondered before whether my ski boots would drain water well. They don't. It wasn't that cold, though, because it was a bit of a wetsuit effect. The water in the boots just warmed to body temp.

I took first in my age group and 6th overall. Felt pretty good overall - especially considering I've only skated a few times this season.

Linda was pacing off me the entire race, I wondered if she was going to make the move and try to outsprint me to the finish. She just stayed put, though. In fact, I know I picked up a few people here and there along the way as I passed the men (who'd started 2 minutes ahead of us.) One guy was obviously slacking in his previous group and decided to pace off me after I passed, though I'm not sure where he was when we hit the finish. Maybe got stuck during a pass.

XC Ski warm up/down (Skate) 1:13:00 [3] 11.0 km (6:38 / km)

Got about 30 mins - one 5K loop plus the ski to the starting line in before the race. I learned what the course condition was when I saw a channel shoveled out at the bottom of a hill. I figured I'd cross it no problem. Just on the other side, my tips got stuck in the slush and I face planted (and my hands went in) to the watery slush. Well, that was good to know before the start.
Did another 5K loop after the race as a cool-down and then got in another K because I figured I had time before the awards. I was really enjoying skiing easy in this warm weather - I avoided the swimming sections of the course. Cut it too close with the awards, though, and didn't get time to change until after they were done.

Thursday Jan 9, 2014 #

Run (Treadmill) 1:02:00 [3] 7.0 mi (8:51 / mi)

Had to wait for a treadmill at work gym. A bit annoying, but not TOO bad. Did some stretching and a few sun salutations while I waited. That's right. I was down-dogging in the company gym.

10 minute warm-up then did 4x8 minute cruise intervals with 2 minute recovery
int. 1 - 7 mph - too easy
int. 2 - 7.2 mph - better
int. 3 - 7.3 mph
int. 4 - 7.4 mph - why not?

After the last interval, decided to just run until I hit 7 miles. Walked a little at the end. Feet were OK again today! Overall, run was actually really good even though my glutes are definitely lit up from this morning's pistol squats. Woo! Going to feel those tomorrow for sure.
6 AM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Warm up
Strength: 1 and quarter (back) squats 3x5 rounds, every 2 min

Workout: Evil Cindy 20 minute AMRAP
5 Chest to bar pull ups (blue band)
10 Push ups (supposed to be weighted, I did strict)
15 Pistol squats (Used 12" box+ 25 lb plate target)
Rounds: 10+3

Wow. My glutes are really going to be feeling this one. Already are. Good stuff - those pistols are killer. Um, pun intended.

Wednesday Jan 8, 2014 #

Road Bike (Trainer) 1:16:49 [3] 17.0 mi (13.3 mph)

10 minute warm-up
20 minute cruise interval at high cadence
5 minute recovery
20 minute interval at high cadence
light spin the rest of the time

Tuesday Jan 7, 2014 #

Run (Treadmill) 1:00:00 [3] 6.2 mi (9:41 / mi)

VICTORY IS MINE!!! I bought new shoes while I was out in California, and today was the first day taking them on the treadmill. Was a little concerned at first, but even after 60 minutes, no blisters. Shoes are Saucony Kinvara 4's. I was so excited about the good condition of my feet that I looked on the adjacent treadmills for a headphone-free person to share it with. No luck- both were listening to music.

Run was a treadmill hill run because it's too damn cold outside. Did a 10 minute warm-up. Then, alternated at 6% and 0% for 2 minute intervals for 20 minutes. Then, changed the interval to 3 minutes for 4 intervals and one more 2-minute climb followed by a 5 minute cool-down.

First day back on the clean eating wagon, and I'm doing well - ate exactly zero cupcakes that someone brought in to work. Wasn't even that hard to say no.

Monday Jan 6, 2014 #

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Warm up and mobility
Front Squat @75% 1RM (105 lb)
4*4*4*7 (oops, misunderstood the instructions and noticed on the 3rd round that everyone else was doing more than me.

5 rounds for time (16 minute cap)
15 pull ups (red band)
25 wall balls (14 lb)

Time: 12:19

Found out today that there is going to be a weight loss challenge this month at the gym. It's perfect timing because I came to grips yesterday with the fact that if I want to climb better and race faster, I need to improve my power:weight ratio. The part I need to work on most is the weight side of that ratio. Goal is to lose 6 lb between now and the end of the challenge. (Feb 19) This is fairly aggressive for me.

Road Bike (Trainer) 47:05 [3] 9.5 mi (12.1 mph)

Recovery spin. First time back on the bike for almost 2 weeks! Not so bad. Watched a couple episodes of the Daily Show to catch up. Nice high cadence, low resistance ride.

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