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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jan 18, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  XC Ski2 4:14:11 32.31(7:52) 52.0(4:53)
  Strength Training3 3:00:00
  Road Bike2 2:04:38 26.5(12.8/h) 42.65(20.5/h)
  Run2 2:01:54 13.2(9:14) 21.24(5:44)
  Total9 11:20:43 72.01 115.89

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Saturday Jan 18, 2014 #

XC Ski race (Cote Dame Marie) 57:11 [4] 13.3 km (4:18 / km)

Cote Dame Marie Loppet in Grayling at Hanson Hills.

Mixed bag on results today. The course was beautiful, temperature was perfect (20!) and the trail was in great shape. I started out OK with a few people in my sights that I wanted to catch and pass. I caught a few of them, but couldn't quite catch up with Catarina. Finally, pulling into the last 2K, I suddenly felt awesome… like, I'm not sure who was operating my skis, but they are rockets on my feet. I was smooth and fast and feeling amazing!! There was Catarina and I was closing quickly on her. Suddenly, she heard me and saw me out of the corner of her eye and she stopped slacking. So, I didn't manage to catch her before the finish, but it was a good finish. I guess I was only 3 minutes behind Gussie, which is really good for me.

XC Ski (Skate) 1:15:00 [3] 13.7 km (5:28 / km)

Did an extra loop (which means I did the men's course) after my race. It was lovely. Did the first massive hill climb with Ellie, who I'd met today from the GRAAR team. She decided to just go back to the lodge after that, and I continued on the course. Nice to get to enjoy the trail at a more relaxed pace than the race. with about 6K to go, I saw that Karen was behind me doing the same thing, so I waited for her and had a nice ski and chat with her for the rest of the loop.

I like this "do an extra loop" (or two) after the race thing… You can see the course and enjoy it.

Thursday Jan 16, 2014 #

Run (Treadmill) 1:01:54 [3] 7.0 mi (8:51 / mi)

10 minute warm-up at 6.2
8 minute interval at 7.2 mph
8 minute interval 7.3 mph
8 minute interval 7.3 mph increasing to 7.4 halfway through
8 minute interval at 7.4 mph
2 minute recovery in between
Cool down run at 6.3 mph until I hit 7 minutes
walked a little at the end
Too bad I had an urgent bathroom stop during the last interval. The good thing about the treadmill, though, is that the bathroom is just around the corner and not miles away.
Good run. My friend Chris came in and ran on the treadmill next to me so I got to catch up with him a bit - he's one of the few DC employees who actually likes to talk while running on the treadmill. Most just put their headphones on, which is a clear sign that they don't want to chat.
6 AM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Warm up: rowing, jump rope, dislocate, mountain climbers, thrusters, jumping lunges
Mobility: roll lats and shoulder mash

Strength: EMOTM 7 min
3 Handstand push-ups (strict - I used a higher target for shoulder issue)
6 barbell row - 52#

1000m row buy-in
3 Rounds:
10 toes to bar
15 wall balls (14#)
20 dumbbell snatch (20# - went light to avoid irritating shoulder)
Cash out - 100 double unders
Time: 19:05

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 #

Road Bike (Trainer) 1:18:48 [3] 18.0 mi (13.7 mph)

10 easy warm up
20 cruise interval
5 recovery
20 cruise interval
At least that was the plan. I ended up losing focus a few times on the second interval, so I decided to make up for it by going an extra 8 minutes.

Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 #

6 AM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Warm up: rowing, dislocates, good mornings, overhead squats, push ups
Mobility - shoulder and quad rolling

Strength: Push Press 6 rounds of 4 every 2 min

10 rounds for time:
3 power clean
3 shoulder to overhead (push jerk)
3 burpees

Feel like I did something weird and tweaked my neck a bit on one of the early rounds. Feels a bit off right now, but not terrible.
6 PM

Run (Treadmill) 1:00:00 [3] 6.2 mi (9:41 / mi)

Same as last time - Hill session on the treadmill
10 min. warm-up
20 minutes of 2 min @6% 2min @0%
then 3 min at 6%, 3 min @0% (Minutes 30-51)
2 min @6% 2min @0%
5 min. cool down
Shoulder was a bit tight on the right side, but tried to keep things relaxed.

Monday Jan 13, 2014 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Trainer) 45:50 [3] 8.5 mi (11.1 mph)

Easy, high cadence spin. Started a little slowly as with any time I wake up at 5:30, but got into a rhythm eventually.
6 PM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Warm-up - rowing, squats, burpees, KB swings, dislocates
Mobility - back, quad rolling, shoulder stretches

Strength: Front Squat 5x5 every 2 min
120 lb for all 5 rounds

2 rounds for time:
30 front squats (75 lb)
30 kettlebell swings (35 lb)
30 slam balls (20 lb)
Time: 10:44

Physical therapy exercises afterward - shoulder feeling the weekend's skiing a bit.

Sunday Jan 12, 2014 #

XC Ski race (Classic) 52:00 [3] 12.0 km (4:20 / km)

Krazy Klassic

Interval start, 3x4K laps. I did OK. Interval start is not good for me because I have a hard time focusing when I don't know where I stand. Many times, I had to bring myself back to "Hey, you're racing." Oh yeah. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the course was. After yesterday's waterski race, I had pretty low expectations. Surprise! There was only one place with water, but it was avoidable. The few slushy/icy spots were on flats/downhills and didn't slow me down. I did universal klister, which I rubbed in with my Swix red wax. It really didn't rub it in, but I had good kick. In fact, several people said that I ran away from them on every hill, but they made ground on me on the flats/downhills. Brenda passed me this way. At one point, I had hope that I could step it up and get away from her, but she'd already closed the interval gap, so no matter whether I beat her to the line, she'd already beat me. Darn, but at least she was my teammate.

I tied for 4th with someone else - exactly the same time, but they ranked her 4th and me 5th. What the heck? We should have both had 4th if you couldn't differentiate. On another note, our team walked away with the "Brumbaugh Cup" today (lowest combined score of top 5 men and top 3 women from the team) This helped us widen the gap. Maybe we can win one of the "cups" this year after all! (The Brumbaugh cup is actually a ceramic mug.)

XC Ski warm up/down (Classic) 1:10:00 [2] 13.0 km (5:23 / km)

Did 1 lap plus another K (approx) before the race to check out the course conditions and to get my wax skied in since I didn't really rub it in. At first, I felt like it was dragging a bit, but that seemed to go away. Maybe that's why I was getting caught on the flats/downhills - it was still dragging a bit. I'm not very experienced at klister.

Perfect timing! Did 2 laps at an easy pace over the course. It was nice and enjoyable. The crazy thing was that when I finished my second cool-down lap, there was someone racing who was still about a K behind me. That's some dedication to go out there and race even though you take twice the time of the bulk of the other racers. The course was a bit beat down for this, but it was still in pretty good shape - still better than expected.

Not sure on these distances this weekend. The skate shouldn't have been slower paces than the classic even though I was screwing around more yesterday during the warm-up/cool down (falling in the slush, helping look for car keys…) Could have just been that the snow was very slow yesterday.

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