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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Apr 12, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 14:50:00 60.0(14:50) 96.56(9:13)
  Mountain Bike1 1:31:15 18.2(12.0/h) 29.29(19.3/h)
  Run1 1:01:34 4.5(13:41) 7.24(8:30)
  Total2 17:22:49 82.7(12:37) 133.09(7:50)

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Saturday Apr 12, 2014 #

Adventure Race race (The Breakdown) 14:50:00 [3] 60.0 mi (14:50 / mi)

Started out running for 5 CPs including the prologue point. We made a good call on CP2 to go straight to the lower trail because it was at the base of the overhang. Other than CP1, it was all trail and then road running down to CP4, where we crossed the river in inflatable boats. They acted like you were going to have to paddle hard upstream to make it across, but it really wasn't that bad and we had to adjust because we started out just going upstream. Ha! Trail run to the TA, where we didn't bother changing into bike stuff knowing that it was a steep uphill push to the bike drop/O-course.

Our Nav was right on, and we cleared the second foot section and were the 6th team to leave. Then, we got lots more bike climbing. Some of it was really steep, requiring pushing. I don't prefer to push my bike - riding it is much better. The first part of the downhill was a sketchy dirt/rocky road, so we couldn't just open it up and fly. Eventually, we hit pavement, so that was a welcome relief. At this point, it was getting "hot" and I ran out of water right next to a house where some people were hanging out in the yard, so we asked to fill up from the hose. Perfect timing. Even though it was warm, I was never uncomfortably hot - just sweaty and thirsty.

We left 30-45 minutes behind the leaders on the bike, but arrived first to the paddle. Cool. We left one paddle point for last with the option of dropping it if time ran out, but we were able to clear the O-course with enough time to go get it. We were a bit concerned that we wouldn't have enough time to get the rest of the points on the course, but we just couldn't leave that point and risk coming in with a bunch of time to spare having skipped it. Go fast take chances, right?

We left on the bike just before 6pm with about 16 miles to bike back to the finish (not counting 3 more foot points along the way plus some single track), but it was hillier and we were more tired than anticipated. We picked up the 3 foot points about a mile from the finish and headed toward the single track hoping to get three (out of four) with an hour on the clock. However, by the time we picked up the second point, we only had 17 minutes to go and didn't want to risk going for one more and maybe missing the cut off. I'd been feeling like puking for about 1.5 hours (probably dehydration-related) so I was happy to go in. Though we really wanted to clear it, when we got to the finish, we found out that getting all but 2 was enough for the win. I felt physically worse than I'd ever felt at the end of a race, but was also super happy to finally win an out-of-state race against some great competition. It makes the hard work and the pain worth it!

Oh, and NO hamstring issues. :)

Wednesday Apr 9, 2014 #


Hamstring/glute/hip/back massage today. I hope this makes the big difference. She said the hamstrings were really tight still. Two more days of rest...

Also, I smell like butter. I am pretty sure that the massage oil was not a stick of butter, though that is a really funny image to me.

Sunday Apr 6, 2014 #

4 PM

Mountain Bike (roads - hills) 1:31:15 [3] 18.2 mi (12.0 mph)

West Branch road ride - hit the big hills. It was pretty warm and sunny, but the trails in the woods are still ice/snow covered.
I had a massage this morning with the whole hour spent on my back of my legs and my tight spot on my back. Jerica confirmed that my hamstrings were ridiculously tight. They were feeling good after the massage and after not running for two days. I set up another massage for Wednesday evening.
An hour into the ride, hammies started to tighten up. I tried to do some on-bike stretching here and there. Don't really think it helped. The hills were good, though. Rode harder up the hills and recovered on the flats and down hills.

Run (Run/walk) 1:01:34 [3] 4.5 mi (13:41 / mi)

After the ride, I transitioned to the run. Supposed to be 1.5 hours. After 22 minutes, I realized that my hamstrings were not going to loosen up. In fact, they were getting tighter as the run went on. So, I turned around and started to run back. When I got to the base of the fairview hill by the gravel pit, I realized that I needed to walk. It was super frustrating because I wasn't tired and my quads felt great. I just felt like someone was pulling my hams tight from both ends. I walked most of the way back with a short bit of running after the top of the hill. Choked back the tears while I was walking. I just wanted to run - why won't my legs just work the way they should? They must be back at 100% by Saturday. Must.
I called Anna on the way home and she gave me some tough talk on letting them recover and some things to do to aid that process. (It's nice when your friend/running buddy is a sports doctor.) On the plus side, maybe this means that I'm using them more? Maybe that's why they're still a mess - because these formerly neglected muscles are actually getting activated. I've been typically quad-dominant, so in the long run, if I really start using my hams and glutes in running that would be a good thing.

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