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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending May 24, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 12:00:00 45.0(16:00) 72.42(9:57)
  Run2 4:32:25 27.5(9:54) 44.26(6:09)
  Road Bike2 2:11:17 34.4(15.7/h) 55.36(25.3/h)
  Strength Training2 1:40:00
  Mountain Bike1 1:37:07 19.2(11.9/h) 30.9(19.1/h)
  Hike1 15:00 0.7(21:25) 1.13(13:19)
  Total6 22:15:49 126.8 204.07

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Saturday May 24, 2014 #

2 PM

Mountain Bike (Hilly Roads) 1:33:52 [3] 18.5 mi (11.8 mph)

West Branch Hill loop. Didn't hit it quite as hard today knowing I needed some in the tank for the following run and another 1.5 hours of biking. It was a really nice, warm day. Traffic was a bit heavier, but I still enjoyed the ride. It's surprising how West Branch is at least a week behind Auburn in foliage even though it's only 40 miles north.

Run (Trails) 3:19:14 [3] 20.0 mi (9:58 / mi)

Totally guessing on the miles. I don't trust the maps at West Branch because the distances are obviously inaccurate and possibly just made up. I did both main loops. The southern loop still has some spots with significant standing water, but the northern loop was dry. It took about 30 minutes to get my rhythm and start feeling good. I got back to the start at 2:20, so I decided to go out to the overlook to get some more hills in the last 40 minutes. The plan was to cut out the southernmost section of the loop to cut it from 1:15 to about 40 minutes. Oops... not very accurate distance planning on my part since it only cut about 15 minutes. This ended up being a happy mistake though, due to what happened next.

Mountain Bike 3:15 [3] 0.7 mi (12.9 mph)

Yes, that is correct. I was looking forward to spinning the run out of my legs on another hour of biking. I quickly transitioned to the bike with mosquito motivation. Then, as I was eating my bar, about .7 miles down the road, I felt like something was grinding and pretty much stopping me from pedaling. It was bad. So, I pulled over... couldn't find anything chain related, but even without any weight, it was doing it. I finally found the culprit - one of the bolts that holds my small chainring on had come loose and was hitting my frame protector. I started to try to ride back, but it was so bad, I had to walk the bike. BOOOO!!!! Bike shop owner is not going to be happy (I guess the mechanic got yelled at last time before they figured out I lost my middle ring during the race due to eating a rock.)

Hike (dejected bike pushing) 15:00 [3] 0.7 mi (21:25 / mi)

Very annoyed, but I guess it was better that this happened 0.7 miles from the car than 10 or something. No hitch hiking required.

Thursday May 22, 2014 #

Run (hills) 1:13:11 [3] 7.5 mi (9:45 / mi)

Oh, man... maybe it was just knowing that it was beautiful out and that I had to hit the treadmill to get my hills, but I was not excited to work out today.

3x 3 min uphill (hard)
2x 8 min uphill (steady)
3x 3 min uphill (hard)

Pace and incline were lower today. I have felt tired this week, but tomorrow is a rest day, so I figured get it done and rest tomorrow.

Strength Training 40:00 [3]

After my run, I did some crossfit-style stuff. I was going to go over lunch, but I had a surprise lunch invitation from a friend who was in town from South Dakota. She and I worked together in production, so it was fun to catch up.

Push Press with dumbbells
Warm-up 10x 15 lb
10x 20 lb
5 rounds of 10, every 2 min @ 25 lb

4 rounds for time:
10 dumbbell snatches (20 lb)
30 squats with dumbbell (30 lb)
Time - 11:51

Total time was a bit shorter since I didn't need a warm up (after the run)

Wednesday May 21, 2014 #

Road Bike 1:10:40 [3] 19.7 mi (16.7 mph)

10 minute warm-up easy
5x8 min cruise intervals
5 minute recovery in between

Yeah! No arm warmers today! Finally a bare arm, bare leg ride! It was sunny and 80 and to top it off, all the trees were in bloom so it smelled awesome all over - especially in my neighborhood. The wind was in my face to start, but when I made my turn back to the east I got a nice tailwind. It seemed to die down for the last 25 minutes of the ride so I didn't get to fully enjoy the tailwind, but that's ok.

Tuesday May 20, 2014 #

Road Bike (Recovery) 1:00:37 [3] 14.7 mi (14.6 mph)

Nice easy 1-hour recovery ride. I had this song in my head for some reason:

I was pretty tired today, but this still felt good.
6 AM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Warm-up: KB Snatches (went very light), jump rope 5 min, 30-20-30 with band

Strength: Deadlift with bands 10 x 2 rounds, did red on first, red + purple on second

buy-in 800m run
then 4 rounds:
12 burpees
12 hand stand push ups (3 boards + abmat)

Whew, I was still feeling tired today. Sunday was bigger than scheduled, so that's probably why. I still had a good workout, even though it was slower than I would have liked. The left knee is still tender, so I had to watch it on the burpees.

Sunday May 18, 2014 #

12 AM

Adventure Race (Course pick up) 12:00:00 [3] 45.0 mi (16:00 / mi)

I somehow missed the announcement that we were doing this at night - thinking it was going to be on Sunday. I was lucky that I had my trekking headlamp. So, Yannick brought me a light for my bars. I didn't have a light for my helmet, though, which made things a bit more difficult.

We started picking the course up at 9:45 pm, went through the night, and got it all. Took a bit longer in transition and went slower, but really wanted to spend some time together and train at night for Untamed. We accomplished what we were going for. They guys thought I got better at hills as the night went on, but I think that the pace was just slower so I was able to keep up better. It was fun, but cold. Especially with all the places that we had to cross the streams and mud. It was also a good chance to test out the pack rafts on the paddle. It took some trial and error to find a comfortable way to set up in them.

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