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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jun 7, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Road Bike2 2:33:16 40.0(15.7/h) 64.37(25.2/h)
  Strength Training2 2:00:00
  Paddle1 1:37:16 6.3(15:26) 10.14(9:36)
  Run1 1:22:35 7.8(10:35) 12.55(6:35)
  Mountain Bike1 1:20:54 11.2(8.3/h) 18.02(13.4/h)
  Hike1 1:19:18 4.8(16:31) 7.72(10:16)
  Total5 10:13:19 70.1 112.82

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Saturday Jun 7, 2014 #

Paddle (Kayak) 1:37:16 [3] 6.3 mi (15:26 / mi)

Well, the Tittabawassee is down to pretty much stagnant summer flow now. Turned around at 53 min, but could have turned around right at 50 to hit 1:30. Alternated 5 minutes race and steady paces. Very nice day on the river, but I had no patience for dumb comments today. The cool thing about doing workouts at the same place though out the year is seeing the different stages. Today was cottonwood. The river was covered with it. Also, it smelled good, but I couldn't figure out which tree was producing the scent. I didn't think cottonwood was fragrant.

Hike (Night trek) 1:19:18 [3] 4.8 mi (16:31 / mi)

Heavy (33 lb) training session with TidyCat to make sure my pack feels light at UNE.
I set out after the paddle for a night trek at City Forest. I expected nightmare mosquitos based on my Pine Haven experience lately, but they were not bad at all. The only thing that tickled my skin was spiderwebs across the trail. Since my headlamp had only been used about an hour at the Fury, I figured I could put 2 hours on it in high mode. After all, low mode lasts all night. Well, I was wrong. At the farthest point out on the single track, I got the warning flash, so I turned it to low. I figured that would take me the rest of the way. Wrong. It turned to "Ultra low" mode a few minutes later. Crap. This pretty much means you'd better get to running back to your car. No matter how heavy your pack is. So, I ran. Wow. Running with a 33 lb pack is no joke. I'm losing weight again (in a more sustainable manner than back in January) and this is more motivation. Granted, a pack is different weight than body fat, but holy cow. I got back to the car just as the light was getting so dim I could barely see. Whew.

Oh, and there were all kinds of obstacles all over the two tracks. I'm glad I didn't have to stumble back in pitch black because I would have hit an unexpected mud pit and berm on the last 2-track to the parking lot.

Thursday Jun 5, 2014 #

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

For time:
Row 1000m then do 4 rounds:
21 KB swings
15 KB Front squats
9 push ups
Time: 13:47

Pull-up/Dip complex

Mountain Bike (Pine haven) 1:20:54 [3] 11.2 mi (8.3 mph)

Z 1-2 riding on Pine Haven 2-tracks. Sandy, pretty rough riding, but good AR practice. Did some loops on the good hill loops, but stayed in the saddle. Lots of trees down on the trails - didn't even bother with the single track because I knew how bad it was.

Wednesday Jun 4, 2014 #

Run (Pine Haven) 1:22:35 [3] 7.8 mi (10:35 / mi)

Did 6x hill repeat circuits. Then, just ran for the rest of the time. I forgot my watch, but it turned out it was actually in my purse. Oops. So much for "this bitter cold is going to kill the mosquitos." Nope, this place should be called "Mosquito Haven." SO BAD. Um, good practice for Maine, I guess.

Tuesday Jun 3, 2014 #

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

400m run warm up / 30-20-30

3 rounds for time
7 Muscle Up transitions (modified)
12 Power Cleans 85
Time: 9:24

I probably could have gone a bit heavier on the cleans - maybe 95. But, my left hip was acting up a bit during the warm-up sets, and I figured there was no need to do anything stupid 2 weeks out from UNE, so I went a bit lighter.

Strength: Front Squat 5x5 every 2 min

Road Bike 1:11:41 [3] 19.5 mi (16.3 mph)

5x8 min cruise intervals. Nice ride north and west due to the wind.

Sunday Jun 1, 2014 #

Road Bike (Recovery) 1:21:35 [3] 20.5 mi (15.1 mph)

Nice spin south of my house. There are a lot of nice back roads in northern Saginaw county. I should take more advantage of these. At one point, I was on a road with a light, and a big truck was coming up behind me just before the light, which was turning red. He roared around me and smoked me with exhaust. Then, as it turned green, he squealed his tires to smoke me with exhaust again just to be an extra asshole. BUT, the car behind me did a short beep and I looked over to see a smiling, waving cyclist. (I knew because of the nice bike on the back of his car.) So, that made things better and the rest of the ride was pretty nice. I hit the 45 minute mark at 11 miles and started to head back. The road I was on had a bit of a southwesterly bend, but I didn't realize that it would cut off so much (1.5 miles!) Even looking at Strava, it still doesn't quite look right, but I assume if I did the math, it would work out.

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