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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Aug 23, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 22:26:00 80.0(16:49) 128.75(10:27)
  Paddle1 2:27:52 9.7(15:15) 15.61(9:28)
  Mountain Bike1 1:01:00 8.0(7.9/h) 12.88(12.7/h)
  Hike1 46:00
  Yoga1 45:00
  Total4 27:25:52 97.7 157.23

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Saturday Aug 23, 2014 #

Adventure Race (The Thunder Rolls) 22:26:00 [3] 80.0 mi (16:49 / mi)

Finally back at racing after my achilles injury. Woo hoo!

Started out with a river trek for 1.5 miles. We didn't kill ourselves to be out front and came out towerd the front, but with a number of teams in front of us. We quickly started picking them off on the bike. Tony is a beast with the acceleration/hill climbs. We took the northeast route when the choice came. I was getting some tows, but feeling like the back tire was squirrely. Finally stopped to check it... yep, flat! Darn! It must have been a puncture that didn't stick in the tire because it stayed inflated the rest of the race.

Despite this, nobody passed us and we were third on the paddle. It was super foggy on the river, and Tony's light was making it hard for him to see in the front, so I was the eyes from the middle. We finally got to the take out for 9, and we were off to the 4-point O-course. We spent some time before the race really verifying which part of the water CP10 was located. It paid off. We saw Alpine Shop coming back toward us as we headed out to it. We got to the point and tried to get our headlamps to low profile in first place. It was thick getting to 11, but we hit it. However, 12 was another story. We hit the desired reentrant and headed down it. Nothing. We checked where we were when we hit the river and it seemed to be the right one. Went back up, went up a side reentrant a bit, nothing. Maybe the right one, but not far enough up. It didn't look like it was that far up. Eventually, we attacked from the ridge and found it. Grrr... lost a lot of time here. Got the other points and headed back to the boat in 4th place.

We quickly recovered back into second and finished out the paddle. We found the channel, which was moving decently enough. Just as we were getting close to the take out, the clouds got crazy dark and it opened up with horizontal rain just as we took out. We needed to flip the map and hadn't laminated them, so we had to go to into one of the outhouses to try to get the maps in order while we were dripping wet. It worked and we headed out. At the top of the hill, we were supposed to turn left to get to the bike drop, but we thought it was just a park road and bombed down the hill... which we then had to climb back up. Oops.

Started the O-course at 11:45 am. After 1:30, we had 7 points and I was sure we'd be done in 6 or 7 hours. Too bad the rest of the points were longer. This stuff was brutal - tons of unfriendly plants everywhere - nettles, thorns, poison ivy, etc. After a while, we realized that the spurs were much better than the reentrants which helped make the going a bit easier. With 3 points to go, we had an hour to get back to the TA and the next point was pretty far out. We may have been able to do it if we hit them all perfectly, but it would have been tight and we didn't want to risk missing the cutoff. Plus, we were pretty sure no other teams in our division were close enough to us to get more points, so we called it.

Ride back was a bit slower since our place was set. Got back to the final TA and went through the motions on the last 5 points going around with a combination of bike and foot to do the rappel, a few points on the river, and the luge. Luge was actually a bit scary, but pretty cool - I FLEW out of the end.

We were really hoping to clear the coarse, but the little things added up and it just wasn't going to happen. After the race, we were all sitting around talking and I backhanded Emily in the face to the surprise of everyone at the table. (I looked around at all the shocked faces.) It was a mosquito - not the fact that she likes lemon Lara bars. The mosquito was dead and an all-out brawl did not ensue.

Wednesday Aug 20, 2014 #

Hike 46:00 [3]

Power walk down to the park, looped around, and back home. Perfect evening

Yoga (self-guided) 45:00 [1]

Did a half yoga, half stretching session as I felt/needed. Heels were nowhere near the ground at my first down dog, and by the end, they were pretty close. Should really start adding more of this back in.

Tuesday Aug 19, 2014 #

Mountain Bike (Hilly 2-tracks) 1:01:00 [3] 8.0 mi (7.9 mph)

Pine haven - easy recovery ride on the 2-tracks. Surprisingly not very many mosquitos. Maybe because it rained earlier?

Sunday Aug 17, 2014 #

Paddle 2:27:52 [3] 9.7 mi (15:15 / mi)

Kayak paddle on the Tittabawassee. 10 min steady, 5 min race pace, repeat. Very nice evening for a paddle. Whoo!

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