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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jun 27, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Run2 9:04:04 29.4(18:30) 47.31(11:30) 584
  Paddle2 2:42:42 10.8(15:04) 17.38(9:22)
  Mountain Bike1 2:08:00 29.2(13.7/h) 46.99(22.0/h) 636
  Strength Training2 2:03:30
  Hike1 1:26:00 5.0(17:12) 8.05(10:41)
  Yoga1 30:00
  Total6 17:54:16 74.4 119.74 1220

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Saturday Jun 27, 2015 #

Yoga 30:00 [3]

Hamstrings are just not recovering even though all I did yesterday was a paddle. Figured I'd better not keep piling on to them. Family reunion this afternoon. Woo Hoo!!! :-D

Friday Jun 26, 2015 #

Paddle (Stellar SR) 1:40:00 [3] 6.5 mi (15:23 / mi)
ahr:114 max:133

Well, my thoughts on Tuesday that I was getting better at getting my HR up on paddle workouts were wrong. My HR was higher because I'd just finished a run. Oh. Getting much more comfortable in the chop. Pretty windy at times today, but Sanford lake is small enough that it doesn't get that bad. Did 20 mins steady followed by 10 minutes tempo/race pace. I see this reflected in HR, but not so much speed. Speed by GPS seems very bouncy and uneven anyway. Hamstrings felt tight, but I did stretch in the morning. Got uncomfortable after about an hour and ten minutes in the boat. May need to fine tune foot brace placement?

Thursday Jun 25, 2015 #

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

W/U - Run 400, 30/20/30

Ladder, for time:
run 100
10 push ups
run 200
20 ball slams (20 lb)
run 300
30 Russian KB (35)
run 400
40 sit ups
run 300
30 Russian KB
run 200
20 ball slams
run 100
10 push ups

Extra: row 5000m (just to complete)
time: 23:44

Hike 1:26:00 [3] 5.0 mi (17:12 / mi)
ahr:113 max:144

Tried running the first 15 minutes thinking that the legs would loosen up in the hamstrings/calves. It didn't happen and I was just tired, so I decided to go with the "power walk" option the rest of the time. Much better. Mosquitos weren't too bad since I covered myself head to toe in DEET (100%) Apparently, 100% DEET is not allowed for sale in Canada. I offered it to my teammates last year at UNE, but they wanted nothing to do with it.

Wednesday Jun 24, 2015 #

Strength Training 1:03:30 [3]
ahr:125 max:177

WU - bb complex

Strength: Deadlift 5x3

Workout: AMRAP 12
12 power snatch (75 lb)
10 Overhead squat
200m run
Rounds - Almost 3 (- 1/2 run)

25m farmer carry (40 lb dumbbells)
50m run

Mountain Bike (Hills) 2:08:00 [3] 29.2 mi (13.7 mph) +636ft
ahr:127 max:154

Warm-up 20 min
3 sets of 4x 1 minute hill climbs in a big gear
then, after last recovery, 30 minutes at tempo pace

It was a nice evening - a bit warm at first, but I started late enough that it was already a bit cooler than when I left work.
I used to have a hard time getting my HR into higher zones, but I was hitting about 150 during the tempo time, so that's an improvement

Tuesday Jun 23, 2015 #

Run 1:27:31 [3] 7.5 mi (11:40 / mi) +584ft 10:52 / mi
ahr:143 max:158

Run at Sanford - 3 laps on each of the two "hill loops". Due to thick woods, I lost signal a couple times. Legs were tired going in - especially the hamstrings and calves were still sore from Nitrogaine. I did warm up eventually, which helped.

Paddle (Stellar SR) 1:02:42 [3] 4.3 mi (14:35 / mi)
ahr:134 max:158

Due to extreme weather Monday, this got pushed out to Tuesday. Wind died down throughout the evening. LOTS of boats out there - A couple big HR spikes when they seemed to be coming a bit too close to me (several times in a row!) HR was much higher today - maybe because I'd just finished a run. OR maybe I'm getting better at paddling and using the whole body? I determined on the way back that I wasn't reaching far enough forward, which shortened my stroke. Focused on that for the last 20 mins. That seemed to cause an upward trend in pace.

Sunday Jun 21, 2015 #

Run 7:36:33 [3] 21.9 mi (20:51 / mi)


I was a bit worried that I wasn't going to be able to race, but everything was looking good today, and I felt fine so I went ahead with the idea that I was going to take it easy. Well, I didn't exactly sprint, but I did a fair amount of running - all the flats and downhills on the trails/roads. Dumb moment - I realized 2 minutes before the start that I didn't have my e-punch! Frantic search around the car, and I found it 30 seconds after the start. D'oh! Started with the cluster on the southeast section. Had a few where I missed my attack and hit the backstop and on 62 I tried to go cross-country and missed it, but then made a bit of a square as I decided to reattack and found it. Whoo!
I hit 4 hours at about point 58 and had something of a panic about trying to get all the southern points, so I started skipping. By the time I got to my cut-across point to go back, I had tons more time than I thought (probably due to a lot of trail running.) So, I did the northern loop. I started to go for 76, which was dumb, but I couldn't find an attack, so I abandoned. I KNOW I was in the right area for 66, but I missed it and decided that I'd better call it. Was going to get 70, but went the safe route and ran it in. Good call! I got 3rd overall, same points as 4th, but faster time. First female. It was an MRA sweep of the top 3!
Big thanks to Mr. Wonderful for putting on an awesome race. It was very fun and the rain even held out. Quality point locations, lots of route choices, good times!
Maybe I'll download quick route and figure out how to add my track to it...

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