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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Apr 20, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 22:41:15 80.0(17:01) 128.75(10:34)
  Run2 2:38:11 10.0(15:49) 16.09(9:50)
  Total3 25:19:26 90.0(16:53) 144.84(10:29)

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Saturday Apr 20, 2013 #

Adventure Race race 22:41:15 [4] 80.0 mi (17:01 / mi)

Shenandoah Epic 26-Hour AR

The weather for this race was perfect - we'd been dealing with cold rain for weeks now, so 60+ and sunny (during the day) was a welcome change!

We rushed around to be sure to get on the first bus and get a good boat, but then didn't even think to check to make sure there wasn't a "bubble" in the bottom, so we picked a bad one in that regard, which seemed to slow us down - Justin and I were working hard and still falling behind Phil and Mike who seemed to be just moving along at a steady, but not hard pace.

As expected, the course was hilly - even the parts that looked relatively flat on the map were hilly. There really wasn't much serious nav involved since most of the points were on trail. I am HURTING today... the long car ride home probably didn't help that, but it was good to sleep before the drive.

I ended up with blisters on the bottom of both feet kindof at the base of the toes. I think I was curling my toes on the rocks on a lot of the bike pushing sections as if I was trying to "grip" the rocks through my bike shoes, but didn't notice them at the start of the trek. It's a really strange place to get blisters, but I tend to get them there and need to figure out why.

Take-away: I need to train with my pack - especially running. I also need to search out hills and do things on them... like running and biking. Repeats on short hills aren't fun, but they'll get the job done better than doing all my running and biking on the flat land that surrounds me.

Monday Apr 15, 2013 #

Run 32:29 [3] 3.2 mi (10:09 / mi)

Fisher road loop in the rain. Planned to go for a ride, but by the time I got home and ready to go, it was raining, so I changed plans and just did a run instead.

Sunday Apr 14, 2013 #

Run (Orienteering meet) 2:05:42 [3] 6.8 mi (18:29 / mi)

Red course - was supposed to be 6.7K, but I did 6.8 miles. I think that's assuming a straight line course on each one. There were a few times when I decided to run the trail, which added some distance, but maybe cut off some time. I needed some self-calibration at the start and ran right by CP2, and when I hit 3 realized that I missed it. Oops. So, back to 2 I ran, then back to 3... My mind was now calibrated to the 1:10,000 map.
At CP4, I ran into this guy who did not know where he was, but he was looking for 4. I was looking right at the flag as he told me this. Ha! I ran into him several times over the next few CPs.
Went back and forth a bit looking for a less steep place to go down into the quarry after 6. I should have just gone straight at it like the plan instead of wasting time - lost guy got ahead of me by going straight for it, but he had to basically follow me to 7 because he was lost again.
I didn't take the most direct route to 8, which added quite a bit of distance, but it was road/trail - I certainly didn't wander around. I don't know if this helped or hurt.
I sent myself through some thick stuff on the way to 10, but the rest of the points were pretty much right on and no problem.

When I arrived, the guy handing out the maps had been reluctant to give me the red map because I showed up late - he thought that they might be picking up the CPs while I was still out there. I assured him, as did Barbara, that I would make it... and I did. In fact, some people who left for the red course long before me had either just finished or even finished after me. So HA!

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