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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Nov 16, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Run3 5:04:22 28.4(10:43) 45.7(6:40)
  Mountain Bike2 2:52:25 25.7(8.9/h) 41.36(14.4/h)
  Road Bike2 2:25:54 35.9(14.8/h) 57.78(23.8/h)
  Strength Training2 2:05:00
  Total7 12:27:41 90.0 144.84

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Saturday Nov 16, 2013 #

Run (Brick) 1:00:30 [3] 6.2 mi (9:45 / mi)

Drove out to Island Lake for this workout before the O-meet. First part of brick - middle 30 minutes at higher effort. Started at the trailhead and ran on the paved trail out to the road with an out and back route - turned around at the 30 minute mark.

Mountain Bike (Brick) 59:47 [3] 12.6 mi (12.6 mph)

First 30 minutes at easy-moderate pace on the Yellow Loop. Island lake is a decent place to try to push the pace on single track because it's flowey and you can actually get up some speed - City Forest is too tight and twisty to push the pace (at my skill level, apparently, since I KNOW people ride it faster than I do.) I know this trail OK, but I always get confused when yellow pops out onto the two track just before you cross the bridge. I always am looking for where the single track continues. Anyway, finished the trail at 37 minutes and did the rest of the hard ride on the paved trail - out and back.

Also noted that this is W4J's home trail. I am jealous because it's fun and I'd love to have this in my back yard like she does.

Run (Brick) 30:18 [3] 3.1 mi (9:46 / mi)

This was meant to be a hard run. I think I had a hard time with the transition after pushing the last half hour on the bike because the first mile was slow despite an increased effort. I did improve on the second mile, though.

Run (Orienteering) 1:50:40 [3] 8.0 mi (13:50 / mi)

Badlands Night orienteering meet - Score-O style

Was a little concerned about being tired for a 2-hour score O after a 2.5 hour brick with some effort. I actually got stronger/faster as the time went on and had a strong run for the last few points. I skipped the farthest/most difficult points, and that strategy worked out pretty well - I took 7th (though at the time I crossed the finish line, it was 2nd…)

Did the course in a counter-clockwise manner trying to get the bulk of the points up front. There were a few small issues - 53 was listed as a spur, but it didn't look like a spur to me. That wasn't a problem other than that I wasted a bit of time climbing up the spur and running along it. I saw 53 easily from up high. I took a bearing to 54, but had a hard time following it because it was so open and night time. The real problem was 50 - I cut down into the low area a little too far to the north and thought I was on the edge of the marsh. Oops. I will claim distraction from the dog. This guy was running pretty much the same as I was, but not exactly and his dog really wanted to go with me instead of him. It was funny. I hear dogs are a good judge of character. Anyway, went to the northeast and saw that I was in the right marshy area, so I went back and eventually found it. Continued on without any real problems until I went for 31 assuming I would see it from the road. During my run, I had need a flag from the road, and assumed this was the one without much thought. No, that was 36. I ended up running the length of the pond three times, running past 31 twice. Should have been an easy one. This made it so I didn't have time for 38 and 32. :( Oh well.

I really had fun at this meet. It was cool being out there at night with everyone but also on my own. I think this was my first solo night orienteering effort, and I think I did pretty well.

Friday Nov 15, 2013 #

Run 57:06 [3] 5.7 mi (10:01 / mi)

Pine Haven Run
10 minute warm-up running out to the hilly area.
Then, did 3 "hill" loops (really, the trail just dips down by the river 3 times in a row)
Continued on the trail heading back to the car. Pushed the pace on the hills (down and up)

Road Bike (Trainer) 1:04:15 [3] 15.9 mi (14.8 mph)

Climbing Speed:
10 minute warm-up (including 1x1min fast pedal and 2x 1min all out efforts)

2 x 8 minute over/under intervals
Alternate 1 minute under (hill repeat intensity) and 1 minute over
5 minute recovery after each 8 minute interval

2 sets of descending intervals (all out) with recovery equal to previous interval time
4 minute recovery between sets
8 minute cool down after second set

Thursday Nov 14, 2013 #

Strength Training 1:05:00 [3]

Rather long warm-up - rowing, jumps, goblet squats, sumo dead lift high pull, and burpees

Strength: Box squats (slightly less than full depth - to a box)
3 every 2 min x 5 rounds

Workout - 1 minute each x 4 rounds

Box Jumps (20" box - Rx)
Sumo dead lift high pull (65 lb - Rx)
Over bar burpees
Row (for calories)

Total 226

Wednesday Nov 13, 2013 #

Run (Treadmill) 45:48 [3] 5.4 mi (8:29 / mi)

15 minute warm-up
Then started on "work" section
20 minutes at high intensity alternating between Z4 and Z5
Set treadmill alternately at 7.8 mph and 8.3 for these sections (about 1:45 at 7.8 and 1:15 at 8.3) Exact value changed a bit as I dialed it in, but those were typical speeds. The good thing about the treadmill is that it forces you to go the speed you set… no drifting down.
10 minute cool down

Actually felt good other than having to take a bathroom break 5 minutes in to the interval (Annoying, but it was really not an option.) Once I got back, it was a great run!

Also determined that the reason my new HRM strap doesn't work is that it won't pair with my watch… not that there is something wrong with the strap. It's a Suunto Dual - specifically made to work with this watch. New watch time? Santa? Actually, I think we're doing a no-gift/charity gift Christmas this year, possibly.

Tuesday Nov 12, 2013 #

Road Bike (Trainer) 1:21:39 [3] 20.0 mi (14.7 mph)

Trainer ride. Watched an episode of Big Bang Theory for a warm-up. Then, did 3 x 7 minute "hill climbs" with a 3-minute recovery in between. Then, just kept riding until the end of the Colbert Report. Not too bad. Felt much better than last week. Not coughing anymore - last night I couldn't get to sleep because I just kept coughing. Should be good tonight.
6 AM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Strict overhead press 1*1*1*1*1 Every 2 min
did some warm-up rounds and then did 45*50*55*60*70
70 was challenging, but probably not a true 1RM, as I am still pretty cautious with the shoulder. Wanted to do PT exercises at end, but ran out of time

Workout: 20 minute AMRAP
Increasing reps each round for 3 movements as follows:
Bodyweight deadlifts: 1*2*3*4*5...
American KB swings (35 lb) 2*4*6*8*10...
Burpees 3*6*9*12*15...
Got 8 rounds + 44 reps for a total of:
45 Deadlifts
90 KB swings
122 Burpees
Winner of the 5:30 am class!

Sunday Nov 10, 2013 #

Mountain Bike 1:52:38 [3] 13.1 mi (7.0 mph)

Superfly was in the shop getting all tuned up, so I took out the full suspension bike. Took some getting used to - I think I'd do some adjustments if I were to ride it more often.
Nice day for a spin around City Forest. A little cold at the start but ended up just right after a mile or so… except my feet. I totally should have put on shoe covers. It was so nice when I was raking earlier that I decided to leave them - feet were the only cold part on me! Saw some friends riding the trail backward, but decided to just keep going so I'd know my distance and wouldn't be tempted to quit early when they were done.

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