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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Aug 31, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Run2 2:41:30 15.8(10:13) 25.43(6:21)
  Strength Training2 2:20:00
  Paddle1 2:03:36 7.5(16:29) 12.07(10:14)
  Mountain Bike1 1:35:17 18.5(11.6/h) 29.77(18.7/h)
  Road Bike1 1:04:42 15.3(14.2/h) 24.62(22.8/h)
  Hike1 1:00:00 1.9(31:35) 3.06(19:37)
  Total8 10:45:05 59.0 94.95

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Saturday Aug 31, 2013 #

Run (Trails) 1:29:03 [3] 8.3 mi (10:44 / mi)

Trail run at Pine haven with pack. Some trees down on the trail. They were doing some work to smooth out the 2-track sections - fill in eroded parts, remove trees. That would have been nice earlier in the year. I thought they were preparing for xc ski season, but it was actually to prepare for the "Mud Creek Crawl" next weekend.

Ran hard on up/down hills. Some downhills were too steep to really let loose, but I did what I could. Found a good loop at the back of the park that took about 8 minutes and involved a flat, one hill, a flat, and then 3 consecutive hills. Did that 3 times before continuing on with the rest of the trail. I didn't even fall once, though I did come close.
11 AM

Paddle (Kayak) 2:03:36 [3] 7.5 mi (16:29 / mi)

Watch died even though it said at the start that I had 3 hours left. Lesson learned - charge it up!

Decided to take advantage of the wing blade paddles in my car and see how I liked them. It's definitely a different feel from the my normal blade - especially when doing something other than a straight stroke. It does seem faster, though it's hard to tell on a river workout since the speed of the water can vary your distance.

Workout was 15 minutes steady state, 15 minutes tempo, repeat for 2 hours. River was apparently moving faster than in recent trips because I turned around at 1:05 and got back to my starting point at 1:47. Got to go down to the tridge and back to get my full time.

Friday Aug 30, 2013 #

Strength Training 1:20:00 [3]

Strength: overhead squat 3 every 3 minutes, 5 rounds
Shoulder was bothering me after 75 lb round, so I dropped it down, not better, so I dropped way down to 50 for round 5.

Cindy - 20 minute AMRAP
5 pullups (purple band)
10 pushups
15 air squats
Completed 13 rounds. Not my best, but I was strict on the push ups and I think last time was red band. Also, I'm doing less crossfit lately, so I am not so good at it

10 minute AMRAP
25m farmer carry (55 lb each hand)
25m lunges
25m run

9 rounds completed

Thursday Aug 29, 2013 #

Mountain Bike hills 1:35:17 [3] 18.5 mi (11.6 mph)

8 hill repeats on "Fairview Hill"

I would really like to do my hill repeats on a less busy road, but this is the best within a 1-hour radius (or more!) So, oh well. Nice night. A little hot still at first, legs still a bit sore, but better than yesterday.

Wednesday Aug 28, 2013 #

Run (intervals) 1:12:27 [3] 7.5 mi (9:40 / mi)

10 min warm-up
10 x 4 minute interval, 1 minute recovery in between

This one was not my best, but I did it. Legs were a bit stiff and sore from yesterday's workouts. Also, there was a retirement party at work today, and I ate WAY too much sugar. Small piece of cake = no problem. Big piece of cake + a cookie = regret for the entire next workout due to feeling like crap. I feel like I should have learned this a few weeks ago when I did the same thing. I guess it's a lesson to be learned a second time. Planning for it to sink in this time.

There were little bugs everywhere tonight! I came home covered in them (mostly dead) and had to slow down for 3 extractions from my eyes during the run. They were even getting under my sunglasses! Crazy stuff. At least they weren't the biting variety.

Tuesday Aug 27, 2013 #

Road Bike (Trainer) 1:04:42 [3] 15.3 mi (14.2 mph)

Thunderstorms today so no Slaughterfest. So, I did a trainer DVD instead. Went with "Climbing Speed"

Left knee that bothered me at WT during the bike session was a bit noticeable, but not actually painful. Some stretching afterward to get that hip flexor.
12 PM

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

Forgot HRM today
3 Deadlift every 2 min for 5 rounds - 215 lb

3 rounds for time
30 Russian KB swings (55 lb)
20 Wall Balls (14 lb)
Time: 6:56

Pull-up/Dip complex

Sunday Aug 25, 2013 #

Hike (Backpacking Trip) 1:00:00 [1] 1.9 mi (31:35 / mi)

Day 5: Potato Patch to Miner's Castle

We shortened the last day a bit to get home earlier. Plus, we were worried that we would be sore after a longer day the day before. Oddly, both of us felt great today - no soreness or anything. The packs were getting a bit lighter, but I think we were just getting used to it. We got to appreciate some nice trail that we just suffered through in the rain the first day. It was a nice, relaxed trek out to the finish. A doe and two fawns crossed the trail in front of us, but didn't seem too concerned with our presence.

I'm so glad we got to do this trip! It is definitely a beautiful part of our state, and it's actually really accessible. Lots of people were out there in all parts of it just for the day.

On day 1, the Park Ranger issuing our permits told me that some people do the whole thing in one day - 42 miles Munising to Grand Marais (or the other way around) and I became obsessed with this the whole rest of the trip. I would like to do it. Dad told me that he wanted no part of that. It would be a cool team training day, though. I was watching for people doing this every day, but I didn't see any. I asked one runner if that's what he was doing and he said no. I made some disappointed comment and apologized for my disappointment. He changed his answer to "Yes, I am." and I changed mine to "good for you."

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