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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jul 11, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Mountain Bike2 5:40:34 51.1(9.0/h) 82.24(14.5/h) 3360
  Run2 3:28:15 16.8(12:24) 27.04(7:42) 437
  Paddle1 2:04:46 8.6(14:30) 13.84(9:01)
  Hike1 1:17:05 5.0(15:25) 8.05(9:35)
  Strength Training1 1:03:26
  Road Bike1 59:16 17.3(17.5/h) 27.84(28.2/h) 95
  Total6 14:33:22 98.8 159.0 3892

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Saturday Jul 11, 2015 #

Mountain Bike (MMCC Single Track) 1:56:21 [3] 16.1 mi (8.3 mph) +860ft
ahr:132 max:156

Leg 1 of brick. Nice day to be on the trail in the woods - pretty hot out to be in the sun. I felt bad for the guys who were sealing the parking lot at the trailhead. A bit sluggish to start, but I got into it. I don't notice any real difference with the tubeless tires.

Run (MMCC) 1:30:00 [3] 6.5 mi (13:51 / mi) +417ft 13:03 / mi
ahr:143 max:152

With Pack
Oops... forgot to start the watch at the car, but I HAD looked at the time, so I knew about how much I'd missed (8 minutes) before the watch warned it was going to shut off. Ran the trail backward, was able to get the green loop, white loop and then some extra of the blue before turning around and taking the road back for the last mile.

Mountain Bike (MMCC Single Track) 1:54:30 [3] 16.0 mi (8.4 mph) +860ft
ahr:143 max:160

Leg 3
Got a "recovery -fair" message from my watch at the start of this. Well, yeah, recovery state wouldn't be expected to be "good" after 3.5 hours of activity. Really nice temp for this last lap. Feet were getting sore. Maybe I should think about different insoles. Seems to be an issue lately. I saw lots of deer including one spotted fawn that started running down the trail in front of me for about 20 yards before it realized to run into the woods. Pretty cool, actually.

Friday Jul 10, 2015 #

Paddle (Stellar SR) 2:04:46 [3] 8.6 mi (14:30 / mi)
ahr:117 max:135

10 mins off, 10 mins on, repeat. Fairly high traffic on the lake, but after last week, seemed easy. I remember when I wanted a jet ski back in high school. Now I find them obnoxious. Took a food break at the 1 hr mark.

Practiced my remount afterward... only succeeding once! Some young girls swimming saw me and asked if I needed help. Geez. Embarrassing. I need to watch some youtube videos to figure out what I'm doing wrong. No paddling anywhere "serious" until I get this down. Also, I threw my water bottle on the beach before I started, and the beach clean up crew picked it up to throw it away, but I caught them after I gave up for the day. They are very good at cleaning up around here!

Thursday Jul 9, 2015 #

Mountain Bike (Hills) 1:49:43 [3] 19.0 mi (10.4 mph) +1640ft
ahr:121 max:151

Made the drive to West Branch for this one since the climbs were longer.
3x long climb at tempo (10 mins) - bottom half of the climb isn't as steep as the top half, but I made it work. Planed time was a bit off, so I did 3/5 of the next 5 minute intervals on the "big" hill and then improvised the last two by doing one on the 3.5 minute hill on the way back and then taking a short recovery on the downhill and did the last one on the smaller hills (up, down and flat) on the way back.

Wednesday Jul 8, 2015 #

Strength Training 1:03:26 [3]
ahr:118 max:177

W/U - Run, then 5 minutes of Cindy

Strength:5x3 every 3 min
Strict press
65*70*75*77.5*77.5 (Failed on rep 3 for last two rounds at 77.5) Improved on last time when I failed on rep 3 of 75 lb.

Workout: Fran
Thrusters (65 lb)
Pull ups
RX!!!! 6:58
This is my first RX and close to my best Fran ever (RX or not) I think due to being better at thrusters.

Extra - EMOTM 10
10 wall ball (14 lb) (had stopped watch after finishing workout, but then realized I forgot to restart on round 6 of wall balls)

Tuesday Jul 7, 2015 #

Hike 1:17:05 [3] 5.0 mi (15:25 / mi)
ahr:127 max:151

Was supposed to be a run and I SORT OF ran, but I had a bit of a rough day and I'm not one of those people who gets energized for runs when they're upset. I tend to stew on it and get upset and then be unable to run. I quit early because I was just not holding it together or getting anything out of it.

I'm fine now, don't worry anyone. Not getting into it here.

Sunday Jul 5, 2015 #

Run 1:58:15 [3] 10.3 mi (11:29 / mi) +20ft 11:28 / mi
ahr:146 max:156

Run out from the house in the evening. I went in the pool with the neighbors before this, so I was nice and cool to start, but it was still pretty hot out, so that didn't last really long. Glad I brought water. First half felt pretty good, but legs got tired toward the end.

Road Bike 59:16 [3] 17.3 mi (17.5 mph) +95ft
ahr:139 max:153

Right after run, went out on the road bike for a race/tempo pace ride. Got to Midland and rode back. There were a couple places where I had to wait for traffic or a light, but not too bad especially considering SB Garfield is closed down. HR dropped off a bit in the middle as I was going downhill after the overpass, making the turnaround and then waiting for the light, but I was able to kick it in for the rest of the second half.
After the last ride, I determined my seat was somehow too low on my road bike. I raised it up a 1/2" for this, and it was much better. Now I've got my seat raised to just the right height.

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